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We would like to thank everyone for all of your kind words and support as we rebuild the TOAD.

At this time of year one can not help but to reflect on the events of the past year. Although IRMA & MARIA put a blemish on 2017 there
were many wonderful things that happened in 2017 as well. So we choose to remember those things and feel blessed during this holiday season.

Best wishes from our family to yours.

Previous posts:

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we wanted to wish everyone a lovely time with friends and family. Although it isn't going to be the same without everyone, we are going to carry on the "TOAD TRADITION" and have a few friends over for a turkey dinner. Nothing like in years past, but at least a celebration of the day. We will be saying a toast to our TOAD FAMILY.

Many of you have emailed to say that you will be coming to SXM this winter on a cruise ship, some are going to be staying at other hotels. If at all possible we love to see you when you are here. Please keep in touch.

Email is still the best way to communicate. Our land lines, 800# and magicJack are still not working. I have WhatsApp on my stateside cellphone (802-342-3110) and Doug is on Facebook, but we have to be in the office to get service.

As always things are going a little slower than we would like. The roundhouse has walls, windows and a roof! We are working to get the inside finished so we can move in. We will be posting photos when we feel a little more photogenic. We still plan to be open by the fall of 2018.

Cherry and Jackie are cleaning everything they can get their hands on. Fennin is working hard to get the yard looking beautiful again. It is amazing to see how the plant and animal life are coming back. Plants that I was quite sure were dead are sprouting new shoots. Palms are propped upright and starting with new growth as well. Lots of sugar birds at the feeders. No humming birds yet, that will take some time. The sea birds and doves are all here. Every day we see a notice in the paper of another business/restaurant/shop that has reopened. The sunrise this morning was spectacular. Had to attach a picture of it. All good things to see.

On a personal note. Our second grandson, Max, was born in April. All are doing well. Stephanie, Dane, Milo and Max will be coming down for the winter this year. They arrive on November 30. Needless to say we can't wait to see them. I have attached a couple of pictures. I was good, I only put two instead of two dozen.

Our son John will also be joining us in December for a couple of months. With Lennox(our SXM contractor), Doug, Dane and John here working on things THE TOAD will be back up and running in no time!

Heather and Spencer's wedding was beautiful! Everything about the day was perfect. Their wedding photos are posted here.

Mom and Phil are well and in Fayetteville. Things were getting a little bit too cold for them in Maine.

All the best,

Debbie & Doug

21 Nov 2017

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