The Horny Toad Guesthouse

2 Vlaun Drive, Simpson Bay, St Maarten, DWI (No postal code needed), Netherlands Antilles
tollfree (800) 417 9361 | phone 1 721 545 4323
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Walk down this garden path to reach the eight units in the former governor's house on Simpson Bay Beach.

Garden path

Red hibiscus Flowers line our garden path and surround our buildings. Fresh cut flowers are arranged in the rooms daily. The red flowers above are bougainvillea, these pink flowers are hibiscus, and the yellowflowers are allemandes.

Yellow allemandes

Young coconuts at the Horny Toad Coconut palm
Young coconuts on one of the coconut trees.
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palm tree berries berries berries
A palm tree and three stages of its berries.
The start out green and upright, turn red, and finally turn brown and droop down.

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