The Horny Toad Guesthouse

2 Vlaun Drive, Simpson Bay, St Maarten, DWI (No postal code needed)
tollfree (800) 417 9361 | phone 1 721 545 4323
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We would be happy to stock your unit with some of life's necessities so that you don't have to spend your first few hours shopping. A shopping list will be sent to you upon request, but consider:

Breakfast: juice, eggs, bacon, sliced ham, cereal (specify type), bread, butter, margarine, sugar, milk (specify type), coffee (instant or ground), tea, fruit

Lunch/Snacks: cold cuts (specify type), cheese, crackers, bread, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonaise, mustard, butter, margarine

Drinks: Soft drinks, Beer, Wine, Liquor (specify type and quantity)

We have a fully-equipped, full-size kitchen in every unit. The dining area, as seen below, is also spacious. Note the fresh flowers from our gardens.

Dining area

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